Imagine Running an Interactive Magazine
Just for Your Community!

    • Large Profit Potential
    • Provide a Valuable Resource for Your Community
    • Raise Your or Your Firm's Status to a New Level
    • Have a Blast While Doing It

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What is Unique About The Grapevine Community Sites?

It is a "Do It Yourself" Interactive Magazine in which Many of the Features are Created by the User. Basically we took the Best of the Web and Made It Local!

  • Your Neighbors Can Create Articles About Things They Are Passionate About with Text, Graphics and Even Video! No More Wishing Their Voice Will Be Heard by Traditional Media.
  • Grapevine Sites are the ONLY Site that Allows Users to Post VIDEO in their Classified Ads!
  • People post their local events - Designing their own webpage and they can even include video! Imagine a local band posting video so you can decide if you want to go see them!
  • Interest Groups & Support Groups can have their own page to promote their club! They even get their own Discussion Board and Event Calendar
  • Social Media Profiles - Imagine a Social Media Site JUST for Your Region!

... And There is So Much More on the Grapevine:

Click On One of Our Locally Owned Communities to See What They are Doing;

These Features and Others Give the Public a Sense of "Inclusion" - They Make Grapevine Their Own - So They Keep Coming Back!


There Can Be Only One Grapevine in Your City or Region!
Once It's Sold, It's Sold!


How Does a Grapevine Site Earn Income?

  • Business Directory Listings with Maps, Menus, Coupons and Testimonial Section
  • Content Marketing - Grapevine Marketing will assist you to develop a plan to have local business owners write articles on their area of expertise - Establishing Themselves as the Local Authority.
  • Banner Ads
  • Banner Ad creation
  • Rewards from local businesses to local consumers
  • Classifieds (should you choose to charge)
  • Newsletters
  • A creative and enthusiastic owner has many more built in revenue streams

Businesses Want To Be Where The People Are. Today, Businesses need to educate the public because people literally have information at their fingertips. If they are not the one advising them, Their Competitor Will Be!


"If you asked me a year ago, I could have never guessed where I would be today. I have been on the local news several times, invited to VIP parties, invited to meet the panther at the zoo face-to-face, asked to be a celebrity guest twice, comped into local events and more. Not to mention the monetary rewards. The Grapevine has taken my small marketing firm to the next level. It has literally changed my life."

- Tony Miller, - Launched June of 2010


What Do I Need To Do As a Territory Owner?

  • Promote the Site to the Public in Your Area
  • Sell the Marketing Services to Local Businesses

Why Should I Consider Owning a Grapevine Community?

  • Low Initial Investment
  • Fast Start Up - Virtually Turn-Key Operation in Most Cases
  • Flexible Business Model
  • Low Overhead
  • Multiple Revenue Streams
  • Unparalleled Corporate Support

How is a Grapevine different from Facebook, WordPress or the Local Newspaper's Website?

On Facebook you have to be a friend to share information and hope they share it with their friends.  On a Grapevine, the entire community can see the Articles, Discussion Boards and Event Calendar. 

You can write an article on Wordpress or any other number of blog sites - you and over a million other people a day! Your article will be mixed in with millions of articles from Bejing to Baltimore. The only ones that will read it are You and Traffic You Drive to Your Blog Article.  Grapevine will have a built in audience as it grows - readers that care because it is Local!

The Last Time I Checked, the Local Paper Never Asked You to Write for Them. When you submit a Press Release, it ends up in a pile of papers on someone's desk. Even if you did get an article written on your cause, it could be edited, inconsistent or disappointing. 


On Grapevine, you can:

  • Have your own weekly column with a built-in audience! 
  • Create your own tv show and stream it for your community to watch!
  • Share Your Fiction or Poetry!
  • Promote Your Upcoming Event on the Calendar!

When something is Local, People Care More. If You Give Them the Freedom to Make it Their Own - They Will Keep Coming Back.


I am not a computer programmer, web designer, a writer, or a graphic artist - What kind of support do you offer?

Grapevine Marketin is committed to help you succeed. This Support is the Reason for Your Monthly Maintenance & Support Fee. We take care of the technical issues of the site like maintenance, servers, hosting, Search Engine Optimization and other tasks you won't even realize we do to keep your site up and running.

You also get full support from the corporate office for everything from simple changes of the functions on the site to sales & marketing training.  You are in business for yourself, not by yourself. It is like having several employees without having to deal with the overhead of staff.

Not a Writer? We also offer a Content Marketing Package you can sell to your business clients. We charge a wholesale flat monthly fee per client for this service and you can resell it for what the market will bear in your city.


Who Should Consider Buying a Grapevine Community?

An entrepreneur that understands direct sales, will be "hands-on" and active in their business. This is a perfect addition for an existing marketing firm or local publisher to add to their available products. The Grapevine is ideal for the sales or marketing professional. Or a business minded individual that is willing to learn.


How Does One Acquire a Grapevine Territory?
Contact Grapevine Marketing, LLC Today at (850) 528-3909.

Each Grapevine site is exclusive. So first we have to be sure there is no existing Grapevine in your city or region.

Click here to see Available Communities.

Is your city or region not on the list but you know there is no Grapevine? We may be able to customize one, just for your area!

Qualified Individuals Should:

  • Have Financial Resources
  • Have a background in sales, marketing or managerial experience.
  • Have Prior business Experience.
  • Be Customer Service Oriented
  • Have an Entrepreneurial Spirit

The Initial Investment:

  • Initial Grapevine Territory Licensing fee is based on population of the area and whether the site is currently operating or dormant.
  • Low Monthly Maintenance & Support Fee (Fixed Rate)
  • A Marketing Budget
  • Sweat Equity

This is literally a turnkey business opportunity! No Storefront, No Remodeling, No Zoning Issues, No Permits to Pull!


This is a low overhead business, you can operate from your home office or your existing office.

Everything Over Your Monthly Support Fee is YOURS to keep. You can re-invest it in marketing, use it to hire staff, give yourself a paycheck or All of the Above.

We have pre-designed marketing materials for you to use for both marketing to the public and marketing to businesses. No need to hire a graphic designer. We even have a wholesale printing contract - it would be difficult to design and print these items for any less.

Call us today at (850) 528-3909 and speak with Renee Miller. Or email us at

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